About Us
Our Mission
VixaTunes brings multitude of features under one umbrella making video discovery, sharing, downloading and embedding easier than ever.

When designing this service, we had one goal in mind i.e. making it as simple & effortless as possible at the same time preserving our religious and ethical integrity by blocking contents which should have been banned by Youtube in first place. This was not possible without You, so we designed our own blocking mechanism which will allow us to filter out all videos which are unethical or anti-islamic.

We value your precious time and have always kept in mind a 'Sleek and Swift', task-oriented service; consuming minimum of your time. User Satisfaction, out of many others, stands out as our foremost responsibility and we are overcome by an invigorating sense of dedication; employing each iota of our skills to provide that.

We are not batteries who would eventually run out but a team of lively folks, sipping a lot of Cappuccino while improving and innovating to deliver to you The Maximum. 'Great' might not yet just describe us but our ambitions sure are 'High'.

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