The 11 Best Online Business Twitter Accounts To Follow

Best Online Business Twitter Accounts
Best Online Business Twitter Accounts

The 11 Best Online Business Twitter Accounts To Follow
There are young people who are trying to find their feet by setting up a business line.

But one thing that’s clear is that you need a kind of headline, business ideas, and samples so you can be able to learn online effectively.

That’s why it’s important to get engaged with these online accounts from different parts of the world.

And with Twitter now being the brainbox, you’ll get the opportunity to be linked with one of the best online business Twitter accounts to follow if you want to be put through in the line of business.

Twitter is one of the popular and more professional social platforms anyone can sign up for.

Unlike some other social platforms, Twitter is quite secure and scam-free. This makes it to be among the top platforms with a high level of security.


If you’re yet to sign up, you really need to if you want to get in touch with any of the online business Twitter accounts which we’ll be providing for you right in this article.

One thing that differentiates Twitter from other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., is the fact that it’s more serious with lots of professionals all over the world, just like LinkedIn. Unlike the aforementioned social networks that are based on social interactions and updates, Twitter is more professional.

And if you’re someone who doesn’t know the right line of business to go into, or even if there’s one, you simply don’t know how to start, we’ve helped to prepare you with about the 11 best online business Twitter accounts you need to follow if you want to be a successful business owner.

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11 Best Online Business Twitter Accounts

You’ll get the opportunity to find great entrepreneurs and business owners from various online industries who are willing to offer you insight as regards their business ideas.

Following any of these online business Twitter accounts will enable you to get all the latest business news and insights, with available tools that will help to properly guide you.

Now, just read further below so you can see the 11 best online business Twitter accounts that have been highlighted for you here:

  1. Forbes (@Forbes – Top of our list is the @Forbes Twitter account, which is one of the best online business Twitter accounts that provide you with articles and magazines on investment, marketing, finance, and industry. It remains popular all around the world, and it’s a great Twitter account you need to follow in order to get business insights.
  2. Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz – Owned by Harvard University, Havard Business is a company that publishes a management magazine that is based on business ideas, and it’s good for young entrepreneurs out there.
  3. Inc. (@Inc – Another one on our list is Inc. It is a company that specializes in weekly magazine and website posts which is based on a guideline for small business new entrepreneurs. It’s another Twitter account you need to follow in order to be properly guided as well.
  4. Fox Business News (@FoxBusiness – One of the popular ones out there that really made a wave is Fox Business News. If you’re looking for a site to get daily business news and expert analysis, then you should follow @FoxBusiness on Twitter.
  5. HubSpot (@HubSpot – Another online Twitter account that offers you business insight is HubSpot. It is a company that develops software products for sales and marketing. So, if you want to invest in software products, HubSpot will definitely put you online.
  6. Fast Company (@FastCompany). – Just like Forbes, Fast Company publishes weekly articles that are related to investment, finance, marketing, and finance. And it’s really good for you as an upcoming entrepreneur.
  7. TechCrunch (@TechCrunch – If you’re interested in tech updates and guidelines on how tech businesses operate, then this Twitter account is just perfect for you. TechCrunch posts tech updates highlighting everything that has to do with emerging techs, and also an insight on tech businesses and products.
  8. Buffer (@Buffer) – When you talk about one of the best online business Twitter accounts out there for you to follow, then you should at Buffer. It offers you a marketing strategy that’ll help you succeed even though you have a little budget for a startup.
  9. @MarketingProfs – Owned by Ann Handley, Marketing Profs also makes our list because of its rich guide on digital marketing information. It’s just a perfect Twitter account to follow for those looking to go into a business line relating to digital marketing.
  10. Small Biz Trends (@SmallBizTrends – Small Biz Trends is owned and managed by Anita Campbell. Its major focus is to help educate and enlighten small businesses in the area of technology, marketing, and management.
  11. Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur – Another Twitter account that makes our list is Entrepreneur. It publishes news stories that are related to everything you need to know about entrepreneurship and the effective management of small businesses.

Additional Tip – Do You Wish to Go Into Online Website Business?

We’re going to provide you with about five hints that’ll help you succeed and make money online:
⦁ One of the ways to make money from business websites is by optimizing your website. If you own a blog site, you need to try and provide top-quality content that readers are looking for.

⦁ Another way is to promote other people’s products on your site as an affiliate. You can do this by providing an affiliate link of the company on your website so that visitors can click on it. You’ll always be entitled to a commission anytime a visitor clicks on that link.

⦁ Another common way to make money from business websites is by selling ad space. You can make lots of money from this depending on the number of people that clicks on the ads, the number of viewers, and also the feedback you receive from the ads.

⦁ Another beneficial way is to create online courses and tutorials for your audience. Irrespective of any website you have, you should always try to garner the trust of your audience and bring them closer to you.

⦁ You can focus on creating websites, furnishing them, and then selling them off to potential buyers for a big amount.


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