9 Problems With Employees Scheduling You Need To Know

Employees Scheduling
Employees Scheduling

9 Problems With Employee’s Scheduling You Need To Know
In this article, we’re going to emphasize different problems with employee scheduling.

In truth, the major aim of a company is boost growth by achieving profitability, and still maintaining employee’s competence.

But the fact remains that poor or bad employee scheduling has been the major issue, which has hampered the progress of many companies till date.

And if this issue is not tackled, more companies are still going to experience upsurge of mismanagement.

That’s why we deemed it necessary to provide for you the problems with employees scheduling which most companies do face…

Poor employee scheduling no doubt plays a major role in the quest for a company to achieve profitability.


Gone are the days when companies makes use of the traditional office hours and shifting/part-time hours approach.

Right now, the sheduling method has now been adopted by most companies, as a way of improving and meeting the company’s requirements.

And right here, we’re going to be looking at about nine (9) problems with employees scheduling.

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Problems With Employees Scheduling

If you’re an employer, it’s no doubt that scheduling is important, cos it helps to maximize your employees productivity, reduce costs, deliver results consistently, and as well create an enabling working system for your employees.

Automated scheduling can be quite beneficial in some certain ways, such as; saves time, reduces stress from workers, cut costs, encourages improved scheduling, avoids overtime, and also helps to access all employee’s performance.

Now, let’s look at 9 problems with employees scheduling below:

  1. Lack of Technological Literacy
    One of the problems with employees scheduling is the issue of technology. There are some managers or employers that still finds it hard to instill the use of technological approach while creating their scheduling. Even, some still makes use of pen and paper to make scheduling rosters which is kind of old-fashioned and a little harder.
  2. Lack of Proper Details
    When there’s no proper details as regards to arranging scheduling, there’s bound to be a problem. Sometimes, there’ll be changes when it comes to hours of work and shifts. And due to the fact that there’s no system to keep proper details of all these activities, it’ll lead to confusion.
  3. Favoritism
    Another problem with employees scheduling might result to favoritism, which is based on unequal shift distribution. Whenever you favour a certain staff to the other, you’ll be bent on making changes that’ll affect the working condition of other others because you want the special employee to be comfortable in the place of work. Now, that equally brings about issues when it comes to your scheduling as the person in-charge.
  4. Wrong Recruitment Process
    Some HR managers always have issues with recruitment which does bounce back in the future. Before employing someone, if you don’t specify your working hours and shifts method to the person, it will really be an issue going forward. This is because along the line, some workers may desire a certain period to work while others will do same to, which will in turn throw everything into confusion on how to schedule so as to accommodate everybody.
  5. Shortage of Shift Hours
    SCheduling can also resullt when there’s some sought of overload on your employees. If you’re the type that allows your workers to work almost the whole day with little time for rest, and no day off, then there’s a problem. limited amount of time for workers to rest will lead to fatique, which will in turn lead to lack of punctuality and shortage of manpower efficiency on their part. With this, you’re bound to have problems with your scheduling as the manager.
  6. Poor Number Of Employees
    Another issue to deal with when it comes to employee scheduling is shortage of employees in a company. The fact remains that if you have limited labour supply in your company, you’ll be bound to have scheduling issues. This is because you have to think about their shifts, or their leave, which will not correspond even when you think there are capable staffs that can rise up to the occassion of covering up. But the truth of the matter is that they’ll still fall short which will in turn affect your business.
  7. Incessant Swapping of Shifts
    As an employer or manager, it is your duty to determine the period an employee swaps duty with another. If you’ve already had your scheduling in place, then younreally need to ensure that our workers adhers to it without swapping among themselves. Doing this often will definitely affect your scheduling, if not now, but in the future.
  8. Continuos Absenses
    When your workers keeps on being absent with excuses, there’s bound to be loopholes with your scheduling. Let’s take for instance, a particular worker exempts from work today and is been covered up by another workers, the next day he or she will need to swap the working hour of the person in order to cover up. And there’ll be another time when there’ll be lots of absenses which will also affect the schedules prior to hours been assigned.
  9. Lack of Personnel Management
    Another issue that can cause problems with employee scheduling is lack of control. Any Employer or HR Manager that doesn’t have the capability of controlling the working hours of his or her workers might have problem with scheduling. This is because they’ll be left to do everything by themselves, and also fix the time they come to work, their shifts, and when they dismiss from work.

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