The 24 Highest Paying Tech Companies in the world 2022

Highest Paying Tech Companies
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The highest paying tech companies for fully employed and internships are discussed intensively by howtobay in this article. Few people can afford the privilege of working in the IT department of one of the US digital giants in Spain.

Facebook, Netflix, Google, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft remunerate their staff with annual gross salaries of between 131,000 and 205,000 euros, which yields average gross monthly salaries of between 10,900 and 17,000 euros.

Companies, which usually use all possible tax resources to avoid paying taxes, thus manage to attract the most qualified professionals. Lower pay is offered by national enterprises in the field, like telephone operators..

The large American technology companies that operate in Spain have a bad reputation—partly deserved—because, despite their substantial profits, they hardly pay taxes, using tax engineering practices and locating their fiscal headquarters in countries with lax taxation.

On the plus side, it must be said that they pay their employees significantly more than the national average and significantly more than Spanish technology companies.

But this is not about philanthropy or generosity. In paying these high emoluments there is a powerful reason: the profitability they obtain per worker is also much higher than that achieved by national companies.


The average annual salary for employees of Facebook, Netflix, Google, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft’s Spanish operations ranges from 131,000 euros to 205,000 euros, or between 10,900 and 17,000 euros per month.

(in 12 annual payments), apart from social charges, according to the latest figures declared by the companies in the 2019 accounts deposited in the Mercantile Registry.

Considering that the average annual pay in Spain is 24,009 euros and the so-called most common salary, which is the amount that is closest to what all workers make, is 18,468 euros, according to the latest available survey of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), corresponding to 2018.

This high cost is more than justified by the return they obtain from the work of their workers. The average turnover per employee of these firms ranges from the 4.67 million euros per year registered by Facebook to the 283,000 euros of Twitter or the 170,000 of HBO, according to the Registry data collected by this newspaper.

But it must be taken into account that the real income of the Spanish subsidiaries of these companies is much higher than that declared in the Mercantile Registry since they divert a large part of that billing to companies in countries such as Ireland, Holland, or Luxembourg to lighten their tax bill. In other words, the real income per employee is much higher than that declared.

This high profitability per employee is influenced by the short staff of these companies because their activity, based on technology, does not require many workers.

Nor do they resist comparison with the salaries paid by traditional technology companies that operate in Spain. Thus, Telefónica Spain pays an average gross annual salary of 31,328 euros to its 23,091 employees; The 5,456 workers of Orange Spain receive an average salary of 39,589 euros; Vodafone Spain, with a workforce of 4,574 people, reaches 45,693 euros; and MásMóvil, the one that pays the best among the operators, rises to 61,485 euros for 875 workers, according to the 2019 corporate reports (except Orange, which corresponds to 2018).

The average cost to the business per employee is more indicative than the wage.. The range, in this case, ranges from 94,356 euros per year that Amazon Online faces (the subsidiary dedicated to the sale of advertising) to 244,518 euros for Netflix.

Working in one of the technological giants is a job luxury within the reach of a few. Facebook, with a workforce in Spain of 56 employees, is the best paid, with an average gross salary per worker of 205,000 euros per year, although that figure is inflated because it concentrates the highest emoluments in the top leadership.

The second best-paying technology company in Spain is Netflix through its subsidiary Los Gatos Entertainment Spain. His spending on wages in 2019 was only 2.6 million euros.

But distributed among a very small staff -of only 13 people- it results in an average salary of almost 200,000 euros.

Salary differences depending on the position held are huge, so not all workers can be considered equally. Thus, a Google marketing director can earn between 46,000 and 119,000 euros; a software developer between 50,000 and 74,000 euros, while a customer service employee earns between 15,000 and 17,000 euros, according to the job search portal Glassdoor, which collects payroll data shared by employees.

And then there is another abyss. The one that separates white-collar technology workers from those who deal with more physical—and less technical—tasks such as parcel delivery.

Thus, the logistics subsidiary of Amazon (Amazon Spain Fulfillment), which employs 3,901 workers in warehouse and distribution functions, fundamentally offers a lower salary far from the heights of its colleagues behind the computer: 26,000 euros gross per year, with a turnover per employee of 85,000 euros, well below its technological subsidiaries (Amazon Spain Services, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Online Spain).

The salaries paid by technology companies in Spain are great, but they pale when compared to what the same professionals charge in the United States, the country of origin of all these firms. An American employee in the same position earns between double and triple that of one who works in Spain.

Of course, even above the aversion that the great American technology companies have to paying taxes, there is their rejection of unionization of workers.

The few protests of their templates have nothing to do with their salary or working conditions.

One indication that organizing is not a priority for Amazon employees is the lack of a union to establish itself among Alabaman Amazon employees.

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Highest Paying Tech Companies

Highest Paying Tech Companies

What is the salary of employees of Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon, or Microsoft?

Tech companies have always had a reputation for paying some of the best average salaries in the labor market. Is it really so? We analyze it.

Talking about money and salaries is not always the most pleasant thing in the world, especially when making comparisons.

 It all depends on the business of the companies, their scope, the number of employees, the economy and the legislation of the countries in which they are present, and many other factors that often escape the eyes of the general public. 

However, there has long been a general belief that technology companies pay some of the best salaries today. This has its share of reason, although sometimes so many numbers are thrown into the air that it can be misleading.

The Wall Street Journal has published a very interesting report in this regard, where it reveals the average annual salaries of all the companies that are part of the S&P 500 index.

A truly striking fact is that more than half of them reported that in 2021 they paid average salaries higher than those of 2019. Logically, we speak in general terms and not only of the Big Tech; however, of the 25 best average salaries in the last year, 12 —48%— corresponded to technology companies.

For this reason, below we want to do a more thorough review of the salaries of employees who work in companies such as Tesla, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Amazon, among others. 

But before we go any further, we should keep this in mind: As the WSJ explains, since 2018 publicly traded companies in the United States must “identify the average worker in their global workforce and disclose that person’s compensation, including overtime and the benefits”.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

average salary vs. Average salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

average salary vs. Average salary

We must also emphasize that the specified figures are in US dollars, are annual, and correspond to average salaries ( median ) and not to average salaries ( average )

This is important to distinguish because they are not the same and the calculation of both differs quite a bit. So, for example, if a company takes the total money it allocates to salaries in a year and divides it by the number of employees on the payroll, it will obtain an average salary; however, this figure will not always be truly representative, since not all workers are paid the same.

In the case of the average salary, it is not a specific representation of what a worker earns in this or that company, but rather an intermediate point; 50% earn above that and the other 50% earn below. Indeed explains it this way :

“The median salary is a number that takes into account many salaries and reports the middle number in that set of salaries. When you see a median salary, you know that half of the reported salaries are less than that number and half are more” .

While the United States Social Security Administration indicates that the average salary “is substantially less” than the average salary. “The reason for the difference is that the distribution of workers by salary level is very skewed,” they assert.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

Highest Paying Tech Companies

Google and Facebook lead in average salaries, but not only among technology companies

The two companies in the S&P 500 index that paid the highest median salaries in 2021 were Google and Facebook. Alphabet and Meta, actually. And on their way to the top of the list, they have outpaced pharmaceutical firms like Incyte and Vertex, as well as Broadcom, the chip designer and maker.

In the case of Google , which today has some 156,500 employees in the world, last year it paid an average salary of $295,884

This represented an increase of 8% compared to 2020. While Facebook‘s was $292,785, 11% more than the previous year; It is worth mentioning that the firm founded and directed by Mark Zuckerberg today brings together almost 72,000 workers.

Twitter is another technology company that appears in the Top 10 average salaries of 2021. In this sense, the social network —which today is quite shaken by the purchase of Elon Musk— paid $232,626, an increase of 13% compared with 2020. The big intrigue going forward is what will happen when the acquisition by the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is completed if it happens at all.

Since Twitter was announced to be sold for $44 billion, a lot has happened. Musk himself entered into a kind of battle with the company over the bot count and the valuation of the deal, for which he even went so far as to say that the purchase was stopped.

 While the firm founded by Jack Dorsey came out at the crossroads of those statements, amid high-profile layoffs and a break on new hires.

And let’s not forget that the intention of the tycoon of South African origin is that Twitter becomes private. This has meant another hypothetical point of conflict with the current workers —about 7,500 to date—, taking into account that many of them receive compensation in shares; something that, clearly, will no longer happen when the company ceases to be listed on the stock market.

And Netflix? The popular streaming platform, which has 11,300 employees and is now battling its first subscriber loss in a decade, reported a median salary of $201,743 in 2021. This is down 8% from 2020.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

What about Microsoft and Apple?
Highest Paying Tech Companies

What about Microsoft and Apple?

The Wall Street Journal report does not mention specific data from Microsoft, although there are some collected by other platforms. 

However, it is likely that they were not obtained using the same methods. Comparably, for example, mentions that the Redmond company has a median salary of $162,818 per year, although it clarifies that it is an estimate based on data submitted anonymously by employees or “other statistical methods”. So it’s a number to take with a grain of salt.

As for Apple, there is an official record of their average salary. The Cupertino firm, which today has around 154,000 employees, paid $68,254 in 2021, 18% more compared to 2020.

Keep in mind that the company led by Tim Cook not only has an important base of engineers and executives for its products software and hardware; It has also expanded its presence in the services sector and also has a significant number of workers in other dependencies, such as its official stores and the technical customer service area.

In fact, the Californian company has recently been in the news for unionization attempts among Apple Store employees in the United States. This month, Apple has promised to raise the hourly minimum wage to $22 for its US retail workers.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

Highest Paying Tech Companies

The cases of Amazon and Tesla

Amazon‘s situation also has its nuances. The company founded by Jeff Bezos has expanded into multiple realms beyond online trading, regardless of whether it remains its main platform. 

This has brought him multiple controversies, especially due to the treatment of the workers who work in his warehouses; as well as with those contracted for services such as Amazon Flex. 

Today the company has more than 1.6 million employees worldwide and in 2021 it paid an average salary of $32,855, 13% higher than in 2020.

It is also important to mention that, in February, the company announced that it would raise the cash salary payment cap from $160,000 to $350,000. 

This has been a move specifically designed to attract new talent who may prefer cash on hand to stock. However, Amazon has promised to increase the compensation it offers in most of its jobs.

On the Tesla side, saying that it has taken the automotive industry by storm and has established itself as the main global benchmark in terms of electric mobility is not new. 

What is striking is that the average salary of Elon Musk’s company in 2021 was $40,723; that is, 12% less than in 2020. It is worth mentioning that today it has around 100,000 employees worldwide.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

The semiconductor sector has very competitive median salaries among technology companies

Although we have focused on companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon because they are the ones that usually receive the nickname Big Tech, it is also a reality that their success has made them the ideal pursued by many people who want to enter work in the industry.

However, there are also other technology companies that have also stood out for their average salaries in 2021: the designers and manufacturers of semiconductors. 

Broadcom, which has just made the news for its purchase of VMware, has 20,000 employees and in 2021 paid a median salary of $247,541, the fourth highest in the entire S&P 500 index.

It is followed by NVIDIA (22,473 employees) with a median salary of $217,542 in 2021. While AMD (15,500 employees) paid $128,263 in the last year; Intel (121,100 employees) did the same with $104,400. One step below was Qualcomm (45,000 employees) with its $98,200.

It’s clear, then, that tech companies’ median annual salaries have their appeal. But it is also important to emphasize that this is still a simple statistic and it is important to take it as such so that it is not misleading. 

We are not talking about base salaries, but about the exact point that divides the two halves that earn more and less within a company. However, they are still very interesting pieces of data to analyze and break down.

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Highest Paying Tech Companies

These are the 20 most valuable technology companies of 2020: which are the most requested positions and their salaries

These are the 20 most valuable technology companies of 2020: what they are and how much they are worth.

The data and consulting company Kantar made a report to present the most valuable technology companies of 2020. Apple is the first company in the ranking, surpassing Microsoft and Google, which occupy the second and third places. Baidu is positioned in last place along with Xiaomi and Dell Technologies.

Apple‘s wearable devices and services generated the most revenue gains. A strategic shift in subscription-based services and growth in its workplace system helped Microsoft overtake Google. In recent times, it has emphasized artificial intelligence and personal data. 

It is followed by Tencent, the Chinese internet services giant valued at US$151 million, and Facebook, valued at US$147.2 million. These are the five outstanding technology brands according to the BrandZ 2020 ranking.

Facebook started integrating WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger to establish improvements in privacy protection. The update would allow people to have conversations on both apps at the same time. In 2019, Mark Zuckerberg announced his plan to integrate Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (only) into messaging themes. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encrypted direct chats while Messenger uses cloud storage to collect the chats.

“Technology brands proved to be very resilient and improved in revenue and earnings faster than most other categories in the pandemic scenario, explains Martín Schijvarg, account director and head of the ranking at Kantar Argentina. 

The ranking highlights Amazon for being the most valuable brand in the world. It grew 32% in 2020 and is valued at US$415.9 million.

Big companies like IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Cisco have continued to develop cloud services. while brands like Adobe and Salesforce bolstered their CRM and creative credentials. 

The companies that are part of this ranking had an expansion strategy based on innovation and creativity.

These are the average salaries of the companies chosen by Kantar


What about Microsoft and Apple?
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The tech company puts a clever spin on all of its products. Now, they will be more united than ever in the new iOS 14 update. In addition, Apple TV + took the brand to a new level with new competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The company also announced that they will develop their own processors for Mac computers, marking a giant shift in the company’s strategy.

The most important announcement was this last one: the company will develop its own processors and abandon the use of Intel processors. The brand name of these new processors is “Apple Silicon.”.

According to the salary survey site Indeed, the lowest-paying job at Apple is worth $20,000 a year. A finance manager at the company earns $169,000 a year. A software engineer earns about $155,000 a year.


What about Microsoft salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

This year, Microsoft saw success with Office365 and Microsoft Teams as they allowed business as usual to continue during the lockdown. The company’s valuation increased by 30%.

According to the salary survey site Indeed, a software engineer at Microsoft earns about $182,000 a year. A software developer exceeds that salary by US$188,000 per year. A sales associate starts at a salary of $14 per hour.


Google salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

Google’s valuation increased by 5% and became the most valuable brand in the overall Top 100. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a software engineer at Google earns more than $135,000 a year. A company sales representative earns a salary of $34,000 to $43,000 a year.


Tencent salary
SHENZHEN, CHINA – 2020/10/06: Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company Tencent logo seen at its global headquarters in Shenzhen. (Photo by Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Chinese giant increased its brand value by 15% in 2020 and is in fourth place in the ranking. A video game designer earns about $76,000 a year at the company. A software engineer is paid $41 an hour.


Facebook salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

Facebook is in fifth place, and the company’s value fell by 7%. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a software developer at the company earns more than $194,000, while a manager earns $176,000 a year. An analyst has a salary of $83,000 a year at Facebook.


IBM salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

IBM’s brand value was altered and fell by 3%. According to the salary survey site Indeed, an SAP consultant earns $88,000 a year at IBM. A marketing agency has a salary of more than the US $43,000 a year. An HR Business Partner has a salary that exceeds US$200,000.


SAP salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The SAP brand ranks seventh in the ranking, and its value has not changed this year. Last year, he held the same position. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a senior developer makes more than the US $119,000. Instead, a developer earns US$100,000. SAP Data Entry staff earn $29.95 an hour, and assistants earn $20 an hour.


Instagram salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

Instagram was appreciated by 47%. Last year it was ranked 12th and this year it is ranked 8th. According to the salary survey site Indeed, the average salary on Instagram is $150,000. They are looking for software engineers and mobile developers.


Accenture salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The company was revalued by 6%, and its brand value is US$ 41.4 million. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a programmer makes more than $77,000 a year. An administrative assistant earns about $83,000 a year while a financial staffer earns about $50,000.


Intel salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The company is worth US$37.2 million and has appreciated by 17%. It dropped one position from the 2019 ranking. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a hardware engineer earns more than $119,000 a year. For the most part, they are looking for mechanical, hardware, software, and other technical engineers.


Adobe salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The Adobe company pays a clerk $100 a day. According to the salary survey site Indeed, a software engineer at Adobe earns more than $142,000 a year. The personal data scientist earns around US$169 thousand. Marketing employees earn $45,000 per year.


Samsung salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

Samsung revalued its company by 7% more than last year. The company is worth US$32.5 million and ranks 12th in the ranking.

According to the salary survey site Indeed, a Samsung sales associate earns more than $158,000. A software engineer makes over US$181 million. The company is looking for Android and software developers and engineers.


Salesforce salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The CRM company places special emphasis on the software staff. According to the salary survey site Indeed, software developers and software engineers earn more than US$130,000 annually.


LinkedIn salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The job search platform increased its value by 31% compared to last year and climbed three places. According to the salary survey site Indeed, software engineers range from $150,000 to $170,000.

They also place special emphasis on data engineers; they are paid anywhere from US$100,000 to US$ $150,000 a year.


huawei salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

According to the salary survey site Indeed, the average pay scale at Huawei is $120,000 a year to $207,000: this earns a senior software architect and a software engineer at the company. A cybersecurity employee earns about $92,000 a year.


Oracle salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

According to the salary survey site Indeed, the tech company is looking for developers and engineers. They are also looking for technicians and consultants: their salary exceeds US$140,000. A sales representative earns $75,000 a year.


Cisco salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

The Cisco company fell 9% compared to last year. It is valued at $26.2 million. A software engineer earns more than US$130,000 per year.

According to the salary survey site Indeed, they are looking for IT engineers and developers. as well as technicians and specialists in IT security. The latter earns US$112,000 per year.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

According to salary survey site Indeed, the tech company’s most popular jobs are software engineers ($155,000 a year), large account analysts ($146,000 a year), project managers ($113,000 per year), and inside sales representatives (US$62,000 per year).


Baidu salary
Highest Paying Tech Companies

According to the salary survey site Indeed, the company pays managers about $68,000 a year. Engineers earn over US$130,000 a year, while technicians earn US$71,000 a year.

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Highest Paying Tech Companies

These are the Highest Paying Tech Companies that pay their interns the best

Most interns think that internships are unpaid work and that they involve a lot of work, coffee retrieval, and other tasks. However, this is not true in Silicon Valley.

America’s top-tier companies are in fierce competition with each other to acquire the best young engineering talent. Not only that, but internships are also highly appreciated.

Here you get minimum wages or minimum wages and no expenses. In fact, there are several people in tech internships making over $6,000 a month, which far exceeds the earnings of some people in other industries who have decades of experience behind them.

In this article, we present the 15 highest-paid internships in the US tech industry currently derived from data provided by Glassdoor: A Place to Review Entrepreneurs. The list ranks the best-paid internships in order of first to last.

Note: Figures listed are monthly salaries for ten or more interns, and salaries at companies submitted to Glassdoor over the past two years. 

The salaries provided below are all for internships based in the United States. Conversions are in pounds, but the amounts paid by these companies to their interns in Britain and elsewhere in the world will likely differ from what is paid in the US.

  • According to the latest Glassdoor report, about half of the companies that pay their interns the most are tech firms.
  • Facebook leads the list, offering its scholarship recipients a median salary of $8,000.

Doing internships in a large company represents a very valuable opportunity for recent graduates since it helps them take their first steps in the world of work. But it can also be an incredible source of income for some lucky ones, especially if you apply for a scholarship in a technological field.

Glassdoor has published its annual report with the 25 companies that pay their interns the best,  and about half of them are companies dedicated to the technology industry. 

Specifically, 44% of them are dedicated to this sector, followed by organizations specializing in finance and consulting.

 In fact, Facebook leads the ranking (with salaries to scholars of 8,000 dollars per month), followed by Amazon and Google.

For this ranking, Glassdoor has used the salaries of the posts published by the interns themselves on its website from March 1, 2018, to February 28, 2019, to calculate the average.

So if you just graduated, check out the 24 highest paying tech companies for their interns.

23. Dropbox: $8,500/month (£6,800)

A former intern said:

“I just felt like people cared about me. My mentor cared about me, my team cared about me, and the other interns cared about me…

They also gave me a lot of money, but boy, I hope this is not their main reason for working somewhere. In a similar vein, the food is, of course, really excellent.”

22.Pinterest: $8,125 per month (£6,500)

A former employee said:

“Exciting technologies and vibrant culture. Very dedicated to keeping employees happy and inspired. The inmates were treated very well. Great efforts to increase diversity.”

21. LinkedIn: $7,500 a month (£6,000)

A former intern said:

“LinkedIn has a great culture with bikes to ride, a gym and fitness trainer, basketball pick up, entertainment space, and, of course, free food. 

The teams I worked with were very nice and very willing to help. They even have an internal incubator and hackathons that allow you to build anything imaginable. CEO Jeff Weiner is really inspiring.”

20. NEC Labs America: $7,400/month (£5,900)

A former intern said:

“A fantastic place to do your things. The people are very friendly and extremely intelligent. The management staff is the best I have ever seen… Don’t expect any direction unless you want to do something extremely grumpy. Some groups are completely rudderless and the work is very Siloti.”

19. Walmart eCommerce: $7,219/month (£5,800)

A former intern said:

“Great engineers and scientists who work at Walmart Labs. Everyone who works there is very friendly. Good sense of mission. Very friendly culture. Willingness to take risks and try new things. Interns work on big projects and the internship program is clearly a priority for the company.”

18. Nest: $6,773 a month (£5,400)

A former intern said:

“Really smart engineers. People are very invested in the product and the mission of the company… Being tied to Google adds a lot of pressure in areas like finances and profitability. A lot of cutbacks while I was there, it doesn’t seem like it’s a great relationship between the companies.”

17. Groupon: $6,667/month (£5,300)

A former intern said:

“Great culture, very nice people, very established workflow and industry practices…because it’s an older company tech-wise, it’s not as ‘sexy’ anymore and they’re more established in their own way.”

16. Yahoo: $6,333 a month (£5,100)

A former intern said:

“The salary and benefits are promising. Lots of fun activities during my internship. A must mention: the foods are really good! The people are very friendly and the pace of work is very suitable for me: people work a lot, but it’s not too intensive.”

15. Twitter: $6,333/month (£5,100)

A former intern said:

“The interns are usually well programmed. From the first day, you can be at the forefront of your project. Before, I did an internship at Google Inc., and comparing myself to the previous Twitter experiment was incredible. The company is medium in size, so it can grow.”

14. Expedia: $6,333 a month (£5,100)

A former intern said:

“The company culture is fantastic, with a strong sense of belonging and a great balance between work and family life. My co-workers were very nice. “Expedia is a HUGE company at the moment, and work is distributed very efficiently, meaning there is not much room for creativity in day-to-day work.”

13. Dell

The computer manufacturer offers its scholarship recipients a median salary of $4,333. Dell is a global technology company that provides innovative solutions that empower organizations to work better and faster.

Dell helps organizations of all sizes and industries to transform how they work, enabling them to do more with less. Dell provides solutions through its direct sales force, partner network, and worldwide customer support. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas.

Highest Paying Tech Companies

12. Cisco Systems

The tech giant is offering $4,667 to interns with them.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of networking technology and services. The company’s products and services are used by businesses and governments around the world to connect people, data, and things.

Cisco Systems has a global workforce of more than 131,000 people, and its products are sold in more than 170 countries. The company’s headquarters are in San Jose, California.

In 2016, Cisco Systems was ranked No. 10 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by revenue. The company was No. 9 on the list of Fortune 500 companies in 2017.

11. Tesla

Those lucky enough to do a Tesla internship receive a median salary of $4,667. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the salary of a Tesla employee will vary depending on a number of factors, including experience, skills, and location. However, according to Glassdoor, the median base salary for a Tesla employee is $100,000. Additionally, Tesla offers a number of benefits, including a generous 401(k) plan and health insurance.

10. SAP

The German multinational dedicated to the design of business management software products offer 4,833 dollars in scholarships.

In today’s economy, finding the right salary is important. SAP is no exception. Salary is a major factor when considering a new job, and it’s important to do your research.

When it comes to SAP salary, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the company’s salary structure can vary depending on the region in which you are located. Second, the salary for a given role may be based on experience and qualifications. Third, while SAP offers a number of salary ranges, it’s important to understand that each position may offer a different range.

9. Intel

If you go to intern at Intel, you can earn an average of $5,000.

Intel is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies, with sales of over $126 billion in 2016. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including microprocessors, chipsets, motherboards, security systems, and software.

According to, the average salary for a software engineer at Intel is $96,000. The highest paid software engineer at Intel earns an annual salary of $144,000. Salaries for other Intel employees range from $60,000 to $160,000.

Many of Intel’s employees work in the company’s chip manufacturing facilities.

8. Viasat

This multinational specializing in satellite technologies offers an average salary of $5,333 per month to its scholarship holders.

Viasat is a global satellite communications company. It offers broadband services, including high-speed Internet, voice, video, and satellite TV products, to consumers and businesses in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Viasat employs over 4,000 people in more than 30 countries.

7. Apple

The company apple pays 6,667 dollars on average to those who do internships in their company.

A former intern said:

“Smart colleagues, good pay, decent hours, fun perks like subsidized food and nice cafes, as well as concerts and company events… Competitive, political, hard to get things done sometimes; intense exam work; car parks are always full on the main campus.”

6. Uber

The transportation service offers $7,167 a month to its scholarship recipients.

A trainee intern said:

“Uber is an exciting company that is in the news on a weekly basis. They have weekly meetings on hand with field questions about Travis. This is somewhat unique compared to other companies of the same size. The culture is strong, with the best winning ideas.”

5. Microsoft

You can earn $7,250 on average if you work for the Redmond organization.

A former intern said:

“I had a fantastic summer: fantastic location, fantastic office, and great co-workers. The problems we solved were interesting and our end product felt like it had a purpose.”

4. Google

The search engine offers those who want to do internships with them an average salary of $7,500.

A former intern said:

“You are given a lot of freedom about the work you do as an intern. I was given the main project to work on when I came into the role, but was able to branch out into other types of work, as the internships went on… Not much to say about the team and the role I played. you occupy Also, she doesn’t know much about what her role entails until she actually arrives. Google is very secret.

3. Salesforce

The tech giant pays interns a median salary of $7,667 a month. Salesforce is a software company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with sales and marketing operations in more than 100 countries. The company develops customer relationship management (CRM) software and related services. Salesforce was founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, CEO, and Joe Green, CTO.

2. Amazon

Amazon Scholars can earn a median salary of $7,725 per month.

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the world. It was founded in 1994 and now operates in more than 40 countries. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and has a total of over 650,000 employees. Amazon’s annual revenue is estimated to be over $180 billion.

Amazon employees earn an average salary of $35,000. The highest-paid employees earn over $500,000. Amazon offers a variety of benefits, including health and retirement insurance, 401k matching, and paid time off. Amazon also provides tuition assistance and pays for continuing education.

  1. Facebook

Those who are lucky enough to intern at Facebook will have a salary of $8,000 a month.

A former intern said:

“There are a lot of good things to say about Facebook – I’ve worked at other Bay Area tech companies, and the culture and management of Facebook really are. The extremely open culture helps cultivate functional relationships between managers and employees, the unity to understand what the end goal is that we work towards, and the enormous ownership and responsibility of property projects.

 The product directly affects the lives of millions of people daily and the company makes sure that employees are taken care of (especially interns!). The company has good prospects and the vision statements and culture are strongly manifested in the way the company is managed and in the manufacture of the products.”

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