How Does Facebook Marketplace Offers Work


How Does Facebook Marketplace Offers Work

How Does Facebook Marketplace Offers Work
How Does Facebook Marketplace Offers Work

How Does Facebook Marketplace Offers Work

In this article, we’re going to be talking about Facebook Marketplace offers, and how it probably works. Facebook Marketplace Offers simple has to do with you declaring interest to buy a product been listed by a seller on Facebook Marketplace. So, as someone who either wants to buy or sell a product on Facebook Marketplace, it’s very necessary that you know how Facebook Marketplace offers really work, cos that’s exactly the link where an agreement needs to be reached between a buyer and a seller.

With Facebook Marketplace, you can advertise, sell, and buy any product of your choice. Currently, this feature has proved to be more effective and reliable way of business-minded Facebook users marketing their products online. Why is this so? You can easily find and buy any product you desire without the stress of looking for where to get them. This is quite possible because you’ll be linked to a seller right in your location on Facebook, thereby making it easy for you.

Before making your Facebook Marketplace offers, it’s important that you know there are about thirty categories of listing, where you can easily choose a product of your choice. There are categories like Property to rent, Furniture, Vehicles, Tools, Toys and Games, etc. And again, there are some certain products that are restricted which you can’t be able to buy on Facebook Marketplace. They are as follows; illegal drugs, digital products or subscriptions, weapons/amunitions, animals, gambling services, adult movies, real or virtual currency, tobacco products, event tickets and Gift cards. Now, just continue reading this article further below so you can know more about Facebook Marketplace offers…

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How to Make Facebook Marketplace Offers

If you want to make Facebook Marketplace offers, you simply need to follow the steps below:
⦁ You have to go to your newsfeed and click on “Facebook Marketplace.”
⦁ Then click on “Make an offer.”
⦁ Enter the amount you wish to offer.
⦁ Next for you is to review your offer.
⦁ Then click on “Submit offer.”
Once your prize offer has been confirmed, you’ll then have to send a private message to the seller of the product, so that all details can be trashed out and also the deliver.


You can now go find your submitted Facebook Marketplace offers by click on the 3-line options tab > click on ‘Marketplace’ > tap on the ‘Contacts’ icon > tap ‘inbox’ > then click on “Pending Offers” or “Accepted Offers”.

Note: It’s important to accept an offer on Facebook Marketplace, cos it enables you to purchase your products easily, and there’ll also be a swift communication between you and the seller.

How to Accept Facebook Marketplace Offers

To learn how to accept Facebook Marketplace Offers, just follow the steps below:
⦁ At first, a notification will be sent to you via your mail, stating to you that there’s a pending offer for you, right at the top of the “Order Page.”
⦁ It’s now left for the seller to either ‘Accept’ or ‘decline’ the offers made by you (the buyer), within 5 days.
⦁ Once the offer has finally been accepted, then a purchase confirmations will then be settled between you and the seller.
If the offer is declined, an automatic message will be sent to you notifying that the offer you made has been declined or not accepted.


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