How Facebook Marketplace Work 2022| What Is Facebook Marketplace Used For

How Facebook Marketplace Work
How Facebook Marketplace Work

How Facebook Marketplace Work | What Is Facebook Marketplace Used For
Have you been hearing about the Facebook marketplace but don’t excatly know how it works? And do you really wanna know how Facebook marketplace work? Well, that’s no problem, cos in this article, we’re going to be detailing you on how Facebook marketplace work, and what the feature is probably used for…

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platform out there, with millions of active users around the globe. Facebook Group had been the where Facebook users buy and sell items by linking group of their community so that people can post things for sale, so that others can request and buy. But ever since the discovery of the Marketplace on Facebook, it has proved to be the best.

Facebook Marketplace is a feature on Facebook, where you can advertise, sell, and buy any product of your choice. With this feature, you can easily find and buy any product you desire without the stress of looking for where to get them. This is quite possible because you’ll be linked to a seller right in your location on Facebook, thereby making it easy for you. All you just need to get started is to sign in to your Facebook account, go to the Marketplace tab so to be able to buy and sell any product. Just read further below so you can see how Facebook marketplace work…

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Proper Guide on How Facebook Marketplace Work

Facebook marketplace comes with about thirty categories of listing, where you can easily choose a product of your choice. These categories are as follows; rent, Furniture, Vehicles, Tools, Toys and Games, etc.
Given the fact that it’s a platform where you can advertise and sell any product you like, there are still restricted items you can either sell or buy. These items are as follows; illegal drugs, digital products or subscriptions, weapons/amunitions, animals, gambling services, adult movies, real or virtual currency, tobacco products, event tickets and Gift cards.

The rule of the platform is simple. “Sell products that are not restricted, and try not to go against the policy”. So to say, you should try and provide details of your items, upload their pictures, state the genuine price of the items, then try to include your shipping price if there’s need to.

The first step towards using the platform is for you to join, create your products listing, wait for a buyer to declare interest, negotiate with the buyer and make proper transactions. It’s very simple as that.

If You Want to Join

You don’t need a special download before you can join the Facebook Marketplace, because the feature is already built into the Facebook app.
⦁ Using the Facebook app, all you need to do is to log in to your Facebook account.
⦁ Click on the 3-lines menu tab at the top right corner of your Facebook page.
⦁ You’ll be able to see “Marketplace” tab at the top right corner.
But if you’re using a web browser, you can locate Facebook Marketplace by simply clicking on this link The feature will appear if it’s available in your region, or if you meet the requirements.
You can only join Facebook Marketplace if your’re up to 18 years of age, as this is one of the key requirements. And you also need to make sure that the Marketplace feature is available in your region, that’s if it appears in your Facebook profile account.
If you’re finding it hard to locate and join Facebook Marketplace, you need to see that you either change your region, make use of your new Facebook account more often (if you’re a new user), try re-installing the Facebook app, or try logging out and logging in back again.

You Can Start Creating Your Items List

⦁ All you need is to click on the “Marketplace” feature in the menu tab.
⦁ Click on “Create New Listing.”
⦁ Then click “Item for Sale.”
⦁ Click “Add Photos” to upload a photo of your item.
⦁ You’ll need to enter a brief information about your item.
⦁ After that, click “Next.”
⦁ Then click “Publish” to post your listing.
⦁ You’ll then have to wait to be linked with anyone living in your area who’s interested in your product on Facebook.
Boost Your Listing to Get More Viewers and Potential Buyers
⦁ You first need to to your “Your Listings” in the selling tab.
⦁ Select the item you want to boost and click on “Boost Listing”. Doing this will take you to the boost listing page.
⦁ Then select your budget for the duration you want by clicking on the “Custom Budget”.
⦁ Click on “Choose Your Own,” and then enter the amount you’d like to spend over the duration of your ad.
⦁ Click on “View” and preview your boost.
⦁ Click “Continue” when you’re done.
⦁ Then click on “Boost Listing” to promote you listing.

How to Sell Your Item

Once a buyer shows interest in your posted item, you’ll be contacted and then engage in a conversation with the buyer via Messenger, as regards details and transaction relating to the item.
⦁ At first, a notification will be sent to you via your mail, stating to you that there’s a pending offer for you, right at the top of the “Order Page”
⦁ It’s now left for you the seller to either ‘Accept’ or ‘decline’ the offer made by the buyer(within 5 days)
⦁ Once you accept the offer, a purchase confirmation will then be settled between you and the buyer.
You can keep track of your transactions by going to the profile section of Marketplace via the top of the screen > from there, you’ll see your saved items, items you’ve posted for sale, and messages recieved from people as regards to your product.

How To Buy an Item

⦁ If you’ve found what you want to buy on Facebook Marketplace, you need to view the product’s description, details of the seller and the location.
⦁ Once you’ve gone through this, you can simply send the seller a message from Marketplace or you can click on the “Make Offer” option on the listing.
⦁ After that, you and the seller will now have to agree on the payment of the item.

How To Make Your Payment

Due to the fact that there’s no built-in payment method on Facebook Marketplace, it’s important for you to have some payment tips on your mind anytime you want to make your subsequent payments to a seller.
Some sellers may insist that you pay them either through cash, gift cards, or any other payments method. But to me, some gift cards seems to be of high value compared to the product been bought. So I’ll suggest you use PayPal or other secured payment method if you can’t reach to the person to pay in cash.
To make your payment via Messenger, just follow the steps below:
⦁ Start a message with the seller you’re paying to.
⦁ Click on the ‘+’ icon to view more options.
⦁ Click on the ‘$’ icon to view the Payment screen.
⦁ Enter the amount you want to send.
⦁ Click “Next” and enter your debit card details to send the money.
⦁ Then click “Pay” located at the top right corner of the page.
Note: This feature works only for those in the U.S.

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Vital Tip For Buyers

If you’re purchasing an item, you need to make sure that you can physically see the goods, so you can verify the value of the goods you bought before you authorize any payment.
If you can meet the seller, then you need to choose a place like open park, restaurant, cofee shop, etc. And it’s also important if you can record your conversations or take a video or snap of your meeting and goods been purchased, incase any dispute arises.

How Facebook Marketplace Work | What Is Facebook Marketplace Used For


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