How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace 2022

How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace
How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace feature is simply the best possible place where you can market online. You’ll get the chance to advertise, sell, and buy any legal product of your choice. This makes it the perfect platform any business owner can actually make additional income. The question is, “Do you have the right marketable products that’ll attract customers?” We’ll show you the strategy to make money on Facebook Marketplace…

Facebook Marketplace has seen a massive growth where more people browse, buy, and sell items. Facebook Group had been the where Facebook users buy and sell items by linking group of their community so that people can post things for sale, so that others can request and buy. You can easily make money on Facebook Marketplace because while posting your items for sale, you’ll be automatically linked together with a buyer in your location who will indicate interest in your product and ready to buy. Read further below to see how to easily make money on Facebook Marketplace…

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How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

⦁ You need to first study the market, know the market, and know what’s really needed in the market. You need to know what people are looking out for on the marketplace. If you’re able to do this and get the right items on the marketplace, then be sure to get more views on your listings.
⦁ Try and upload clear photos of your items, as this will attract users to view more of your items cos people get attracted to what they can see.
⦁ You need to write good titles for your listings specifically, as this will enable users get a glimpse of what they’re buying.
⦁ You should add a proper description, in order for people to understand more about your item and what they’re buying. You can tell a brief good story about your item so to get viewers engaged and to draw their attention to your item.
⦁ You need to try as much as possible to include tags, because this will help buyers discover your items when they search for items that are related to yours, and this will help get more views for you.
⦁ Another important strategy is to boost your listings. Boosting your Marketplace listing will enable it turn into a Facebook ad, which will make people see it. This is a way to reach out to more potential buyers for your item, and in turn enables you to get views and sell faster. And that’s more money for you!


How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

To Boost Your Listings

⦁ You need to go to your “Your Listings” in the selling tab.
⦁ Select the item you want to boost and click on “Boost Listing”. Doing this will take you to the boost listing page.
⦁ Then select your budget for the duration you want by clicking on the “Custom Budget”.
⦁ Click on “Choose Your Own,” and then enter the amount you’d like to spend over the duration of your ad.
⦁ Click on “View” and preview your boost.
⦁ Click “Continue” when you’re done.
⦁ Then click on “Boost Listing” to promote you listing.

Selling Instructions on The Marketplace

⦁ Irrespective of whatever you’re selling, you need to make sure that you provide proper details of it. And also try and upload clear pictures of your items. with this, potential buyers can be able to see the genuinity of your product.
⦁ You need to try and be clear and fair with your price. Any price you put up for an item, let it be that price. Don’t jeopardize your business all in the name of trying to make more profit by trying to cheat your potential buyers.
⦁ Always include delivery/shipping. Try as much as possible to include your shipping price as well. Don’t exclude it the first place, and then come again to include it. Let your buyers know how they’re going to get their respective items, and what it’ll cost.


Irrespective of the fact that there’s need to make money on Facebook Marketplace, that doesn’t stop the fact that there are products you possibly can’t market. Products that are restricted to sell on Facebook Marketplace are as follows; illegal drugs, digital products or subscriptions, weapons/amunition, animals, gambling services, adult movies, real or virtual currency, tobacco products, event tickets and Gift cards. An attempt to sell any of these products, you’ll definitely be banned from selling on the Marketplace.

How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace

Additional Info

There are items that are of high demand on the Marketplace, which will surely fetch you some cash and make profit. These items are furnitures, shoes & clothings, sports equipment, electronics, office supplies, pet supplies, books, toys, garden & outdoor, and even storage. You’ll consider selling these items at a fair price, whether new or fairly-used.
⦁ You can sell furnitures like chairs, desks, tables, shelves, bookcases, stools, and night stands.
⦁ For Shoes & Clothings; you can sell shoes, bags, luggages, baby and kids clothings.
⦁ Types of electronics you can sell are computers, video games, game consoles, headphones and watches.
⦁ For Office Supplies, you can sell computer chairs, office desks, and other office items. They are of high demand now due to the fact that many people are now working from home as a result of the the Covid-19 outbreak.
⦁ Just like the office supplies, some sports equipments are also of high demand because most people that fancies the need of having all these equipments at home rather than going out to exercise, due to the Covid-19.
⦁ Example of Pet supplies that can be sold are cages, crates, and strollers.
⦁ For Toys, you can sell character toys, doll houses, and even kid’s bicycles, they’re also in-demand on Marketplace.
⦁ Some people are also interested in buying storage bins, clothing racks, storage drawers, closet organizers, etc.
⦁ Some buyers are also interested in buying interesting books on Marketplace. So f you deal on books that are interesting, you’ll definitely find good readers who’ll definitely show interest.
⦁ If you also have plants or flowers you wish to sell, you can get buyers that’ll be interested, given the fact that some people likes to beautify their environment.


It’s really cool to make money on Facebook Marketplace. All you just need is to use your Facebook account to sell items you’ve enlisted for sale. Given the popularity of Facebook and its high daily usage, you can see that you stand the chance of getting more potential buyers viewing your listings.

How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace


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