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There are many followers who write to us asking about the options available to look for jobs in California. Finding a job in the US can be a difficult process, although it is not impossible. In fact, there are many ex-pats working in this destination.

The options are diverse. All this depends on many factors. You should know that to work in California, you need a work visa. This is not easy to achieve, although it is not impossible either. There are different factors so that you can opt for one or another type of visa.

Only US citizens, legal permanent residents, and foreigners in special situations (asylees, refugees, and people pending to change their immigration status with a work permit) can be legally hired by companies.

The rest of the people who are not mentioned in the previous paragraph need a temporary work visa, sponsored by a company or that a company sponsors them to obtain a residence card. This card is the well-known Green Card. (See How to obtain Permanent Residence in the USA faster.)

There are some very rare cases where brilliant people are allowed to sponsor themselves without a prior job offer.

Another great option to work in California is family reunification. Of course, it has to be the case that you have relatives in the USA, otherwise, you will not be able to opt for this option.


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How You Can Get A Job In California

Working in California without documentation is illegal. Anyone who works without a work permit would be exposing themselves to receive a sanction which can range from fines to being deported from the country.

To get a job in California, foreign workers must first meet one of these requirements:

  • An Employment Authorization Document (EAD).
  • A PERM work permit.
  • Have obtained the Green Card or legal permanent residence.

If foreigners have at least one of these three requirements, they will be able to work legally in the country. (It may be interesting to read How To Get A Job Immediately)

What Are The Jobs That Immigrants Do?

Although working in the US without documents is illegal, the vast majority of immigrants continue to work in the US without documentation. This is because there are companies that hire illegal workers.

The main reason companies hire illegal immigrants is because they will be able to provide them with much lower pay, unlike an American worker. Among the jobs most provided to illegal immigrants are:

  • Community gardening.
  • Sewing and tailoring.
  • Laundry services.
  • Personal care.
  • Vendors in various shops.
  • Home clean.
  • Car cleaning.

Despite the fact that a permit is required by law to carry out such work, illegal immigrants and some companies continue to ignore the seriousness of the matter. No matter how small the job is, yes or yes, a work permit is required.

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Who Needs A Work Permit In The United States?

All employees who are not US citizens or residents living in the country must have a current employment authorization document (EAD). 

However, being able to apply for the EAD will depend on your immigration status and what type of US visa you are eligible for. Here’s who will need a work permit in the US:

Temporary Workers

Immigrants who have some type of visa for temporary employment will be defined as temporary workers and will be under one of the following visas:

  • H-1B.
  • H2.
  • H-2B.
  • H3.
  • E.
  • L-1.
  • Show O.
  • View P.
  • Show R.

Permanent Workers

Unlike temporary workers, permanent workers will be able to stay in the US indefinitely as long as they continue to work for the same company or organization. These will require a visa:

  • View EB-1 .
  • Show EB-2.
  • Show EB-3.
  • Show EB-4.
  • Show EB-5.


Students will be able to work while they continue with their studies, as long as they have one:

Students holding a J-1 visa will require additional documents for employment processing. Note that:

  • If you are 16 or 17 years old, you may only work in jobs that are not considered dangerous or risky to your health.
  • If you are 14 or 15 years old, you may only work in jobs that are considered non-hazardous and for a limited number of hours during the day.

Asylees And Refugees

Asylees and refugees can legally work in the US through:

  • EAD permit once it is approved; 
  • If more than 150 days have passed and your case has not yet been decided.


Immigrants who are under temporary protected status ( TPS ) will be able to work legally since they will be able to qualify for an EAD.


Individuals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ( DACA ) Program may apply for an EAD and work legally even if they are not US citizens or lawful permanent residents.


Immigrants under the NACARA program will need to apply for a work permit if they want to work legally in the country.

Domestic Or Personal Assistants

Aliens arriving in the United States accompanying a US citizen, permanent resident, or another alien may be eligible for an EAD if they meet the requirements for a B-1 visa.

Citizens’ Promises

Aliens holding a K-1 fiancé visa may apply for an EAD permit. However, we recommend enlisting the help of our immigration attorney to advise you on your eligibility.

Immigrants With Pending Adjustment Of Status

People who have a pending application for adjustment of status in the United States (waiting for a Green Card) will be able to apply for a work permit.

Foreign Victims Of Crimes

Alien victims of crimes may be able to get an EAD if they apply for a T visa for trafficked persons and a U visa or VAWA visa for other crimes.

Find jobs in California.

There are people who are already living in the USA and others who want to find a job opportunity in the US to start a new life or improve their professional resumes. Whatever the reason, here you will find a list of web portals to find jobs in California, the United States. (You can find a complete guide that contains the tips, examples, and requirements needed to write the perfect resume to get your dream job in California here.)

Most of the opportunities are aimed at qualified professionals, especially specialists in technical areas with specific skills and good knowledge of the English language. There are also many opportunities to work as a teacher in the United States. An article appeared in Forbes magazine with the most demanded professions in the United States as well as their salaries.

If you are sponsored by a company in the United States, you have to be clear that the process, most of the time, is not going to be quick and, in addition, to this is added the requirements and conditions of the different work visas, which are very different.

Most of the companies that sponsor foreigners to go to work in the United States normally look for two common requirements: a good level of English and advanced academic studies. (See 5 Ways to Improve your English Speaking Skill at Home)

You can apply for jobs in California here



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