Jobs in London with visa sponsorship: Apply Now!


jobs in London with visa sponsorship: Apply Now!
Many people from various countries, both in Europe and Africa, frequently look for job opportunities in London to be able to take and pay for themselves a language course, get to know life there or perhaps fall in love and stay under English skies.

Finding a job in this city will depend on the professional qualification of the interested party, the work experience they have had, and, of course, their level of English. It should be noted that if you want to achieve recognition and the opportunity to obtain a good job, it is convenient to come to London, sponsored by a company .

The lower paid jobs often require a lower level of understanding of the language, while the better paid ones, along with all the positions in which you are forced to deal directly with the public, require a good command of English.

As we said, it is recommended, in many cases, that the interested immigrant establish contact with a government entity that is willing to sponsor him and grant him the corresponding sponsorship certificate. This is not necessary for highly experienced workers with higher education degrees.

The first thing anyone hoping to work in London should do is apply for a work visa through the UK Embassy in their country. A foreigner can stay in England for one to two years or so. For this visa, the interested party must choose the category to which he wishes to apply, after having fulfilled the requirements that are requested.

We will first mention the category of sponsored workers, which is precisely what we are talking about, and is intended for qualified emigrants who have acquired a job offer from a company that has a license and certificate of sponsorship granted by the British Government. , and that they also obtain the qualifications indicated by the immigration regulations.


As for well-qualified workers, they are required to demonstrate their high level of preparation for the position. The interested party must show that he can support himself in that country and that he can speak the English language correctly.

Then sponsorship or a specific job offer will not be needed . The qualifying points that will be given to you will be based on your professional skills, your previous salaries, your complete work experience, your age, and the funds you will need to live.

Another current category is that of Post-Study Workers, which means that if a foreign student has graduated from a British university, they can apply for a work visa, which will be granted without further ado.

The job offers in London have decreased considerably due to the great competition that exists among immigrants from all these countries who come to the city, but this should not be a reason to be discouraged and look for other alternatives since London is one of the cities with higher life expectancy and also has a very wide geography where, without a doubt, there will be room for everyone.

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List of authorized sponsors for the work visa

One of the pieces of information needed when filling out your work visa form is the name of the organization or company that is going to sponsor you. Moreover, this information will help you distinguish fake companies from genuine ones. Below you can find the list and additional information.

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Who is the list for?

The following list presents all the companies or organizations authorized to sponsor applicants for a work visa. The list was filtered to show you only the organizations established in London and is categorized according to the type of work visa you are going to apply for. If you still do not know which visa corresponds to you, go to the Guide to apply for a work visa where I give you guidelines to start your application and find the appropriate category.

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How does the list work?

  • The list is a bit long, so you will need to know the name of the employing organization.
  • In the list I have included some instructions to save you time in your search.
  • Additionally, the list contains some terms that you should know. I will explain them to you below:


It refers to the type of visa. For example, the “Skilled Worker” visa, which is the most common for occupations such as nursing.

Type and rating

It refers to the type of license granted to the organization that allows it to issue sponsorship certificates depending on the type of visa and the type of contract.


This category corresponds to short, long and permanent contracts. The types of visas within this category are:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Intra-company
  • Minister of Religion
  • International Sportsperson

Temporary Worker

Organizations in this category are authorized to temporarily sponsor employees. This category extends to volunteers and trainees or jobs to gain work experience. The types of visa belonging to this category are:

  • Creative Worker
  • Charity Worker
  • Religious Worker
  • Government Authorised Exchange
  • International Agreement
  • Seasonal Worker

To find the type of visa that corresponds to you, you can ask your bosses or go to the following link: Work in the UK

Link to the list

To access the list, go to the following link:

Sponsor List – Work Visa

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jobs in london with visa sponsorship

A Visa sponsorship job is a type of position in which an individual works as a consultant, advisor or sponsor for a foreign company looking to set up or expand in the UK. The individual will help the company navigate the UK business landscape, identify potential partners and customers, and provide guidance on how to best operate in the country.

Here is a list of jobs in London with visa sponsorship you can apply now.

Apply now


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