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jobs in USA with visa sponsorship :
An employment visa allows a foreign national to travel to the United States to live and work for a specified amount of time. Employment visas are also known as employment-based visas or BE (EB) visas.

In order to receive an employment visa to work in the United States, you will need an employer to apply to the US government for a visa on your behalf and to “sponsor” your trip to the United States. As part of the visa sponsorship process, the employer will need to provide the government with the following guarantees:

  • The company needs this particular worker to fill this job position
  • The job position cannot be filled by a local US citizen
  • Proof that the prospective employee must travel to the United States to fulfill job responsibilities (i.e., an investigative report)

Once you are allowed entry into the country, the employer must continue to sponsor your visa status by keeping you employed with them. Unfortunately, that means an employment visa can (and usually will) be immediately revoked if the company closes or goes out of business. Similarly, if you quit or are fired it will also result in your employment visa being revoked.

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Jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship –Apply Now

If you are in the process of applying for an employment visa, your employer should handle most of the process. That said, the smallest mistake can ruin your application, so it’s a good idea to consult with an immigration attorney to make sure everything is correct before you apply.


If you are currently in the United States on an employment visa and your sponsorship status is at stake (i.e., the company is in the process of closing or has announced layoffs), you should speak to an immigration attorney. as soon as possible. Depending on your situation, you may be able to apply for a new visa or another form of legal residence to avoid removal from the United States.

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How to get an Employment Visa?

In order to receive an employment visa, the employer will need to begin the process by obtaining a labor certification approval from the US Department of Labor. Once the labor certification is complete, the employer will then file an Immigrant Application for Alien Worker (Form I-140) with USCIS based on the employment-based preference category.

The best way to ensure your I-140 is approved is to work with an immigration attorney. An immigration attorney will not only be able to provide you with all the necessary resources to file an application but will also ensure that you submit the most relevant information on the forms to give you the best chance of approval.

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companies that sponsor the most H-1B visas

In order for a foreign professional to obtain an H-1B visa to work in the United States, they need a sponsoring company. In the search process, a good place to start is the list of those who have already been sponsored in the past.

The reason is that these companies already know the procedures and costs and are, therefore, more favorable to doing it again. Even in many cases, they have their own lawyers or work with immigration law firms to manage the procedures.

It should be noted that any company in the United States can sponsor a foreign worker through the H-1B or any other work visa, as long as the worker and company comply with immigration and labor laws.

In other words, even a small family business that has never sponsored an H1-B before can do so if they can’t find a worker in the US who can satisfactorily do the job they need.

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The companies that have sponsored the most H-1B visas

The following list includes the position occupied by companies by a number of foreign workers for whom they request an H-1B visa, followed by the name of the company and the sector in which they are dedicated.

In addition, the number of Conditional Labor Applications (LCA) filed with the Department of Labor is included and, finally, the average salary offered to the workers included in said applications.

  1. Infosys. Consulting/Technology. 20,636 LCA. Median Salary: $82,993
  2. Tata Services. Consultancy. 13,536 LCA. Median Salary: $79,540
  3. IBM. Technology. 11,286 LCA. Median Salary: $89,295
  4. Capgemini. Consultancy. 9,715 LCA. Average salary: $80,081
  5. Tech Mahindra (Americas). Consultancy. 8,548 LCA. Average salt: $78,541
  6. Deloitte & Touche. Consultancy. 7,472 LCA. Average salary: $93,027
  7. accentuate. consultant. 6,690 LCA. Average salary: $88,466
  8. Ernst & Young. Consultancy. 6,130 LCA. Median Salary: $103,418
  9. Wipro. Technology. 5,812 LCA. Median Salary: $75,068  
  10. Google. Technology. 5,288 LCA. Median Salary: $132,890
  11. Microsoft. Technology. 5,005 LCA. Median Salary: $133,242
  12. Amazon. Technology. 4,286 LCA. Median Salary: $126,280
  13. Company: Hcl America. Technology. 4,263 LCA. Median Salary: $85,073
  14. Syntel Consulting. Technology. 4,187 LCA. Median Salary: $69,493
  15. Cognizant Tech Sol. Technology. 2,707 LCA. Median Salary: $77,754
  16. Larsen & Toubro Infotech. Technology. 1931LCA. Median Salary: $80,782
  17. L & T Tech Services. Technology. 1,853 LCA. Median Salary: $74,215
  18.  JPMorgan Chase. banking 1,838 LCA. Average salary: $112,634
  19.  USTGlobal. Technology. 1822. $71,391 
  20. People Tech Group. Technology. 1,777 LCA. Median Salary: $86,334 
  21. Facebook. Technology. 1,738 LCA. Average salary: 152,016
  22. Apple. Technology. 1,712 LCA. Median Salary: $145,131

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How do you qualify for the H1B visa?

To qualify for the H1B visa, workers must meet the following criteria. First, foreign nationals must provide legitimate educational credentials to join the American workforce. Must be a bachelor’s, master’s, or other higher education. In addition, workers must provide any job titles, qualifications, or certifications that demonstrate highly specialized knowledge of the position for which they are applying.

Individuals seeking H1B status must also have a company or employer willing to sponsor them. The employer must file the H1B petition on behalf of the foreign national requesting the sponsorship. The sponsoring company or employer must also demonstrate that there are no US citizens applying for the job in question.

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How To Get A Sponsorship Letter?

Getting a sponsorship letter is a long and detailed process. More often than not, the employer hires a lawyer to take care of the process. Documentation and justification should be accurate. Here are some of the steps followed:

The first step requires the employee to get an offer from a US employer. This also includes the contract that goes into the sponsorship documents.

 For a non-immigrant Visa, a Labor Certification has to be produced to the Department of Labor, stating that the employer could not find a suitable potential employee within the country.

The petition, along with the documents, is submitted to the USCIS. This set of documentation includes contracts, itineraries, qualifications of the individual, and the likes.

With the submission of all the necessary documents, the USCIS processes the Visa sponsorship application. This takes some time, depending upon the total number of pending cases with the USCIS. Sometimes, it takes months for the application to be processed.

If the application is approved and the report is positive, both the employer and employee will be informed about the same. At this point in time, the employee can start the actual Visa application process in their home country, with the US Embassy.

In the event that the application is rejected, again, the employer and employee are informed accordingly. This also includes the reason for the rejection, which could be the lack of employee qualification or inadequate documentation.

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and ways to find an H1B visa sponsorship

1. Search for a job in the database of H1B visa sponsors

The first thing to do is look for companies that have already sponsored H1-B visas in recent years. You can do this by searching for the “H1B visa sponsor database” or “H1B visa sponsor companies.” He then slightly changes the words to get lists of the names of companies that have sponsored H1B visas in the past.

If you want to go to a specific place in the United States, you can try searching for the “California H1B visa sponsor database”, or any other combination of words with the state/city you are interested in visiting. You may even be able to find the types of jobs, salary information, and petitions that have been approved by USCIS.

Once you’ve done your research, make a list of all the companies you’re interested in and evaluate them based on how many petitions they approve (or reject) per year, how many petitions they file per year, etc. Based on this evaluation, you can choose the companies to which you will apply.

2. Find an internship

Another option is to find an internship. If you are already in the United States on an F1 visa and plan to stay, try to find an internship (or co-op program) with a company that can sponsor an H1B visa. Be sure to use steps 1 and 2 below to find and secure your internship!

Again, it is important that the company where you plan to intern has already sponsored other H1B visa petitions in the past, as the process can be quite complicated. If the company already knows the process, this will make things easier for you. Then make sure the company knows you want to get a sponsored H1B visa this year. Don’t scare them off from the start though; let them know once you’ve got the job offer, otherwise, they might choose another candidate.

Finally, another way to find internships is at job fairs and career events, so stay up to date and attend as many networking events as you can. (See How to find a paid internship abroad)

3. Look for specialized consulting companies

Another option is to find a job with a specialized consulting firm. As a warning, this is a very difficult route, so be careful if you plan to take it!

Unfortunately, there are several new specialized consulting companies that tell you that they will sponsor your H1B visa if you pay for it. This is a big deal, as paying for an H1-B visa is considered a crime in the United States. If you decide to pay for an H1-B visa, this year’s new regulations and laws could hurt you in the future. You will never know if what they say is true or not, so we recommend that you be very careful.

Still, if you decide to go for this option, make sure you have personal contacts at these small businesses and research their profile and background very well. If you already know someone who works for a small consulting company in the United States, get in touch with them and let your network of contacts help you. This can be a good option, but be aware of the dangers mentioned above!

4. Look for global consulting companies

Why only look at specialist consulting firms when you can go for the big ones?

Make a list of all the big global consulting companies, like TCS and WIPRO. Then, check out their websites and find out what types of jobs they currently offer. And then… just submit your request!

If you get a job offer, you can negotiate the H1B visa with them. Always make sure to show your skills and competencies, and tell them why they should give you an H1B visa; for this, we recommend you find a niche in your specialty. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the job, but it’s definitely worth your time.

5. Find a job at an American university

Last but not least, you should try to find a job at a US university.

If you already have an H4 or F1 visa, this is the best option for you. (As long as you want to work in an academic or research institution). The best part of this option is that most universities are not subject to the annual H1B visa restrictions, which means that they can sponsor as many H1B visas as they wish.

However, this option has a disadvantage that we must mention. If you get an H1-B visa to work at an American university, you will not be able to use this visa to work at a normal company. However, apart from this disadvantage, this is a great opportunity for you to continue living in the US!

6. Apply for the job and get an offer

This is about the best and easiest way to get a visa sponsorship, must have been seeing the opportunities showing up while you read down d article.

The best way to get a job is to apply to companies that have already sponsored multiple H1B visa petitions in previous years. However, if you can’t find companies in your field of expertise, check out these jobs as seen in these articles and apply, You might get lucky while looking for a job. (see How To Get Job with no experience Quickly)

And if we can suggest anything to you, it would be to apply to as many jobs as possible. Once you get a job offer, you need to tell the company that you want to be on the H1B visa sponsorship petition in 2022. This lets the company know that they need to act quickly to have everything ready ASAP. See my job offer here.




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