The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes
Some people like taking classes in person, while others prefer to study online. Whether you’re attending an online course at your local community college or learning from the comfort of your own home, being a good student in online classes can be just as rewarding as making the grade in face-to-face lessons. Here are five tips that will help you become an A student in all of your online courses.

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The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

1) Listen carefully

In an online class, your professor doesn’t have any visual cues about how well you’re paying attention. It might feel more natural to zone out during a video lecture, but if you don’t stay alert and focused on what your instructor is saying and doing, you could miss important information. The best way to improve your listening skills? Practice.

For example, try summarizing what you think your professor just said (in writing or out loud) before he or she finishes talking; practice paraphrasing when possible and listen intently so that it becomes second nature.


The best way to make sure you understand and don’t miss anything important is to take good notes. Even if you find yourself nodding off during class, scribbling down key points can help ensure that you retain more information from your instructor’s lectures.

Make sure your notes are well organized and clearly indicate any times when you weren’t paying attention (or didn’t get something) so that it will be easier to go back and review later. Organize your notes by recording each lecture on its own page or set of pages, with section titles and subheadings that reflect what topics were covered each day; or outline them so they become easier to read.

Keep your attention on what’s being said and what’s being shown by making sure that you check out any visual aids (like slideshows or pictures) when they come up. Even if you don’t need to take detailed notes on them, taking these occasional visual breaks can help keep you alert and focused.

You can also try closing your eyes or looking away from the screen every once in a while—you may be surprised at how much more easily you can hear (and therefore understand) what your instructor is saying after doing so. If someone asked you to repeat back information that was just presented, would you be able to do it?

If you’re working with other students, try to get as much out of their notes as possible. Sometimes, fellow students can hear things that your professor says that you don’t pick up on. You may also want to collaborate with other students about what information is important and how it relates to information from another class; however, if everyone ends up just passing around copies of each others’ notes without really digging into them, it could undermine your learning instead of supporting it.

Remember, it’s OK to ask questions. You might feel like you’re interrupting your professor or wasting his or her time by asking an obvious question. But don’t be afraid to speak up if you need help; your online class instructors are there to teach you and have generally made it a point to include enough time within their course syllabus so that they can provide support when necessary.

If you don’t understand something that was just said, take advantage of office hours, either via video chat or text chat (if available) or during scheduled times when students can contact professors with questions about concepts covered in their lectures.

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The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

2) Follow instructions

In online classes, every assignment or exam is detailed by your professor. This includes instructions on how to properly submit an assignment when to expect your grades and more. Having easy-to-follow instructions will help you navigate through an online class without becoming confused along the way. While it might be tempting to miss directions and skip reading course material, following instructions can make all of your hard work worthwhile by showing that you’ve fully understood everything that was asked of you throughout a semester.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to explain their progress to their teacher throughout each course, so having a clear understanding of what’s expected of you at any given moment will help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

In addition to following all instructions, make sure you are also completing your work on time. Online classes usually have strict deadlines that were given to you at registration or orientation, and not following them can cause a lot of frustration for yourself and/or your professor.

Missing a deadline may even result in not receiving credit for an assignment, which would ruin any chance of meeting course requirements on time and earning your degree on schedule. If an online class does not have an easily-understood set of instructions or deadlines available from day one, talk to your professor about having them added before beginning to work.

Keeping an open line of communication is also vital to being a good student in online classes. This includes not only keeping track of all written communications with your professor but also having open conversations about any concerns or questions you may have throughout your coursework. If you find yourself struggling to understand something, it’s better to be proactive and address it before your grade starts to suffer. Taking time out of each day to read over what you’ve learned so far can help ensure that everything makes sense and will give you a chance to ask any lingering questions right away.

Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professor if you have questions, concerns, or need clarification on anything that you are confused about. Online teachers are there to help, and making yourself heard will ensure that you’re fully understanding what’s going on and doing everything you can to make sure your educational experience is as smooth as possible.

Asking questions early also helps prevent any issues down the road and allows your professor to address any concerns right away instead of waiting until it’s too late. Sometimes things don’t always work out as they should in an online class, but asking questions when things aren’t clear will keep you on track toward success regardless of how busy things may get at times.

Learn how to learn. While following instructions is key, it’s also essential to know how to manage your time so that you are doing everything you can to succeed in an online class. This is because depending on how your classes are set up, there may be times when your coursework gets overwhelming. If you find yourself reaching a point where assignments and projects become unmanageable, it’s important to learn ways of learning so that all of your hard work won’t go unnoticed.

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

3) Don’t procrastinate

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with online classes is that they’re simply lazy. They expect to just open their laptops, connect to Wi-Fi and get an A on all their assignments. The unfortunate truth is that you’ll never do well if you don’t put in any effort at all, so be sure to actually start your homework on time instead of waiting until 2 am. Procrastination is something you can overcome and there are plenty of ways to stay focused. It may take a little bit of trial and error, but by being honest with yourself about what works best for you, staying up late won’t seem so bad after all.

It’s time, to be honest with yourself—are you really going to start your paper at 10 pm? If you know it won’t happen, don’t waste your time. Get some sleep and plan to get up early or stay up late tomorrow instead. This will save you stress and help you get more out of your studies because you’ll have more time later on.

If possible, talk to your professor about rescheduling homework deadlines so that they’re spread out throughout the week, rather than all at once. You should also try recording lectures as often as possible so that when it comes time to study, you don’t have to rely on memory alone. Whatever it takes, do what works best for you so that trying hard doesn’t feel like such a challenge.

Don’t just do your homework—read it! If you’re having trouble with one of your assignments, don’t be afraid to read your teacher’s instructions carefully and ask questions if you have any. At first, having to stay after class can feel overwhelming, but often all that’s needed is an extra set of eyes on things. It’s also a good idea to reread your teacher’s instructions at least once more before submitting work so that you know exactly what they want.

To avoid confusion and time wasted on corrections, ensure that you always proofread thoroughly before turning something in for marking. Some teachers allow laptops or tablets during lectures, but others frown upon them so make sure you double-check policies beforehand.

At some point, everyone needs to get their hands dirty. This means actually writing your essay, learning how to code an app, or finishing that spreadsheet. If you wait until the last minute to do all of your work, you’re unlikely to have time to properly plan and prepare. Before you know it, it’ll be 1 am and you’ll be stressed out and feeling like a failure. It’s better to start early so that everything has time to proofread and revise as needed before due dates arrive. Waiting until all-nighters are over will save your sanity—and maybe even your GPA!

Have a healthy balance between work and play. It’s important to find time for yourself, especially when you’re studying online. For example, it can be hard to get out of bed on Monday morning if you know you have six essays due that week! You need some downtime so that you can refresh your mind and come back with a new perspective on what you’re working on. This is one reason why teachers don’t assign lots of homework all at once—they know it’s unrealistic to expect students to complete everything within one or two days.

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

4) Take notes and study effectively

In order to be a good student in online classes, you have to have self-discipline and be capable of working effectively. Taking notes is one of those skills that can separate successful students from everyone else. People learn differently, so what’s right for one person might not work well for another, but taking great notes could put you far ahead of your peers.

For example, some people are visual learners who take excellent lecture notes on their laptops while other people do better with longhand notes on paper. If you’re struggling to know what’s best for you, consider asking an upperclassman or TA how they took notes before and how they were able to keep up with everything in class. Sometimes we need more than just advice – we need specific tactics!

If you’re trying to figure out how to be a good student, knowing how to effectively study is important. There are many different ways of studying, and there isn’t one best method that works for everyone. If you have trouble focusing on reading all of your notes, try listening to them instead! It can help break up your daily routine and make it easier to focus if you’re having trouble concentrating. At my university, we have online classes where we access our lecture videos through an online portal. It’s much easier than carrying around dozens of heavy books!

Learning how to be an attentive student isn’t always easy, but some simple changes can make it much easier. When you’re bored, it’s all too easy to get distracted by your phone or by other people around you. If you want to be successful in online classes, blocking out as much time as possible and making it a habit of focusing on your learning is important. Has trouble staying awake? Try some coffee! Or if caffeine doesn’t work for you, try stretching or standing up to stimulate your mind.

Taking effective notes isn’t just about getting information down on paper – it’s also about being able to easily retrieve that information later. For example, if you’re taking notes using a good old-fashioned pen and paper, you should be grouping similar topics together under headers or subheaders so that it’s easier to quickly find relevant information.

If you’re struggling with learning how to take good notes, try talking with your professor or TA during your next office hours. You might be surprised by how much of an improvement proper note-taking can make on your grades!

The last thing you need to do to be an attentive student is get enough sleep! If you’re struggling with learning how to be a good student, make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to get enough rest. While it might seem like staying up late and pulling all-nighters is going to help your grades, that’s just not true.

Not only will it take longer for you to finish your work when you’re tired, but studies have shown that students who struggle with sleep issues are more likely to fail their classes! Give yourself plenty of time every night – even if it means cutting back on other activities – so that you can wake up fresh and ready for class every day.

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

5) Communicate with the professor regularly

The most important thing to do if you want to be successful in an online class is to stay involved. Talk with your professor and other students regularly. If you don’t speak up, no one will know you exist and it will be hard to get help when you need it. It’s easy to slip into a bad habit of avoiding everything, but even taking five minutes every day or two will make a huge difference!

If you’re taking an online class, staying involved is especially important. At most schools, your only option is to take an online class—it’s not like you can walk across campus if there’s something you don’t understand! This means it can be very easy to let things slip if you don’t stay on top of things. So make sure that you talk with your professor and other students regularly.

If they know what questions are on your mind and that you need help, they are more likely to respond quickly when they can! Also, once assignments start rolling in, it becomes even more critical that you put some extra effort into getting involved with each project or paper as soon as possible.

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes

Communicate with your professor regularly

Always hand in your work on time and complete it thoroughly: Now that you’re more involved with your online class, you should also make sure that you are handing things in on time. If you don’t turn something in when it’s due, there will be consequences. However, if you do hand it in early or even before it is due, you may actually get some extra points!

This can also happen if you complete your work early. If you’re ahead of schedule and finish an assignment early, turn it in any way. Your professor may be willing to accept it even though it was due later, and give you some extra points! You might think that these won’t make much of a difference in your grade, but remember that most schools use grades as their primary sorting mechanism for assigning classes, so every little bit counts! If you want to get an A or at least above-average marks, always hand in your work on time and complete it thoroughly.

Make sure you are comfortable with how to contact your professor: Before you take an online class, make sure that you know how to contact your professor. In some schools, all communication has to go through email while others allow other options as well. If possible, ask other students or even your friends and family who have taken classes before what their experience was like when it comes to contacting their professors. you can see How to Improve Your Communication Skills.

The 5 Best Tips for Being a Good Student in Online Classes


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