10 Things About Travelers Home Insurance That Will Wow You

About Travelers Home Insurance
About Travelers Home Insurance

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Travelers Home Insurance

Want to know more about Travelers’ Home Insurance? Or how about being able to get Travelers Home Insurance? You have nothing to worry about as long as you’re right here.

With Travelers Home Insurance, your home’s prized assets will be protected. As long as you have all the coverage requirements, your personal belongings at home are undoubtedly at no risk.

So, if you own a home, it’s recommended that you get this Travelers Home Insurance so as to help protect your personal belongings against any form of damage caused by floods or earthquakes…

How does Travelers’ Home Insurance work? It simply helps to protect you from any unwanted or unexpected damage to your belongings, or if they get stolen.

This type of insurance is quite essential in the sense that it helps to cover any repairs or replacement, legal fees, etc if someone else gets injured on your property.


Right in this article, we’re going to outline for you 10 things you need to know about Travelers Home Insurance…

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Ten Things You Need To Know About Travelers’ Home Insurance

There are different types of traveler’s home insurance coverage, which include dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, personal liability coverage, loss of use coverage, other structures coverage, and lots of other additional ones.

Also, these coverages have their respective limits and deductibles.
What’s so interesting to know about Travelers Home Insurance? They are outlined for you below:

With Travelers Home Insurance, you’ll get Dwelling Coverage which helps you to rebuild your house whenever you incur any damage, either by fire, severe weather conditions, vandalism/theft, windstorm, or even damage from plumbing.

There’s also Personal Property Coverage, which covers you for any personal item in your home, like electronics, furniture, clothes, etc, that’s been damaged or destroyed.

You’ll get Personal Liability Coverage which will help to protect you in the event of a claim, therefore guiding you properly in terms of filing a lawsuit and provision of legal fees as well.

There’s the Dwelling Coverage, which can also help you financially to repair or build your home in case it’s damaged by a covered event.

Loss of Use Coverage is another type, which helps to pay for your additional living expenses.

The Traveler’s Home Insurance helps to cover the structure of your home and your personal belongings.

Apart from the structures, it also helps to cover other structures on your property, such as garages, sheds, and fences, through the Other Structures Coverage.

It also covers all your additional living expenses in case you can’t live in your home again as a result of a covered loss.

This insurance enables you to get a discount of 12% on average when you have an auto policy and 3 other policies, which include umbrella, boat, or personal articles floater.

There’s also an available home buyer discount which is available to all customers that buy their home within 12 months when the policy takes effect.

Additional Info:

One thing you need to know is that the cost of your insurance depends on the coverage, deductibles, and policy limits you choose.

Although, you can still lower this cost by making a request to your insurance representative, investing in some of the protective devices, or even seeing that you purchase multiple policies such as car, boat, and umbrella insurance.

Another thing you should know is that not all companies may decide to sell you a policy. But before any company decides to sell you a policy, or any amount they want to charge you, there are some things that have been considered, which are as follows:
⦁ You can be charged depending on the value and how old your home is.
⦁ Your credit score is another method used to charge you. You’ll be charged more if you don’t have a good credit score.
⦁ If your home has a high replacement cost, you’ll be charged higher.
⦁ If your house is built with brick and stone, your charge tends to be higher than the ones built with wood.
⦁ High charges also depend on the area of your home; the security of your home in that area, and its vulnerability to weather.
⦁ If your home is not close to a fire station, you’ll be charged more.
⦁ And last but not least, if you’ve had claims in the past, you’ll be charged more than someone that doesn’t have a claims record.

List Of Things Covered By This Insurance

Travelers Home Insurance covers your personal property and costs of losses as a result of incidents like:
⦁ Hail
⦁ Freezing of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or other household systems
⦁ Weight of snow, ice, or sleet

Things That Are Not Covered

A list of damages that are not covered by your insurance policy is as follows:
⦁ Damages caused by flooding
⦁ Damages caused by termites/insects/rats
⦁ Losses due to your house being vacant for the number of days specified by your policy
⦁ Wear and tear
⦁ Earthquakes or earth movement
⦁ Wind or hail to trees and shrubs

How Can You Be Able To Save With Your Insurance Policy?

There are many interesting discounts that can enable you to save money on your insurance policy.
⦁ One of the ways is through the Multi-Policy discount, which enables you to save up to 12% on average.
⦁ You can as well save via the Home Buyer discount, which is available to you if you purchased your home within 12 months of the policy effective date.
⦁ There’s also the Loss-Free discount, which is available to you if you’ve not experienced a loss within a specific period of time.
⦁ You can also save via the Protective Device discount. You can do this by having devices like; smoke detectors and fire alarms, interior sprinkler systems, home security systems, or smart or connected home technology.
⦁ Again, you can save up to 5% also through the Green Home discount, that’s if your home is certified “Green Home” by the leadership Energy Environmental Design Organization.
Tip: You can save up to 15% on your insurance if you have multiple policies.


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