10 Best Free WiFi Calling Apps For Android


10 Best WiFi Calling Apps For Android
WiFi Calling Apps For Android

10 Best WiFi Calling Apps For Android | WiFi Calling Apps Free Download

In this article, we’re going to present to you the 10 best WiFi calling apps for Android devices. With the high rate of making phone calls now, WiFi calling is the perfect alternative for you.

There’s no better chance to call your friends, partner, or family without spending anything other than the use of WiFi calling apps for Android smartphones.

Right here, you’ll have the opportunity to download and use on your Smartphone any of these WiFi Calling apps for Android…

You have nothing to worry about as regards these WiFi calling apps for Android smartphones, cos they’re quite safe and easy to use. As long as there’s a WiFi connection in your area, you can make calls anytime and anywhere without hiccup. Just read further below in order to know the best WiFi calling apps for Android phones…


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Best WiFi Calling Apps For Android

From WhatsApp, to Facebook Messenger, to Skype, and Viber, there are other alternative apps like Telegram, Imo, and even Google Voice, etc. This offers Android users lots of options to choose any of the available WiFi calling apps for Android devices.

    Dingtone is another app that tops our ranking. This app offers unlimited calls and texts to its users. If you want to use this app, you’ll be offered a free phone number, which you can either use as your main or secondary number.
    Given the fact that Dingtone offers you the chance to call phone numbers outside the app, but you’ll be charged for doing so.
    Download here
    Facebook Messenger allows you to make audio or video calls to friends and family without any cost of minute. All you need is to be online and ensure that the person you intend calling is equally online. So to say, you need to have a Facebook account before you can call.
    Although, users are not allowed to use Facebook Messenger to call a landline or real cellphone numbers.
    Download here
    With Google Voice, users can get free phone numbers, call forwarding options, and also a voicemail inbox. Users are only allowed to call numbers from Canada or USA for free. But apart from that, all international calls comes with charges.
    Before using Google Voice, you’ll first need to have a Google account to before you can set it up.
    Download here
  4. IMO
    Imo remains one of the best WiFi calling apps for Android users out there. It makes use of an in-app encryption which helps to encrypt your calls anytime, and secures it.
    It enables users to make calls as they want, set up video calls, engage in a group voice and video calls as well.
    Download it here
    Signal allows users to make voice calls, video calls, or texts just for free. With a high end-to-end encryption service, be sure that your messages are private and secure. Signal makes use of your phone number and contacts. And you can only communicate with your friends and family member as long as they have the Signal app.
    Download here
  6. SKYPE
    One of the most popular WiFi calling apps for Android is Skype. Users can use the app to make free calls to other users, send texts and even video chat each other.
    But one thing about Skype is that you’ll be charged for your calls to cellphone or landline numbers, or even if you want to get your own online phone number. There are different types of Skype payment plans, each offering variety of minutes and countries that it is supported. Interestingly, Office 365 subscribers also tends to get free 60 minutes to call international numbers per month.
    Download here
    Telegram is another cool app that stands out as one of the best WiFi calling apps for Android phones. One things about the app is that you can only use it to call other Telegram users. Users are also allowed to sync their contacts on their devices.
    All your phone calls and texts are well encrypted, so you got nothing to worry about.
    Download here
    TexNow offers its users with unlimited free phone calls, which allows users to send texts to anyone living in the US or Canada. Users are allowed to call, text, and accept voicemails from any number as long as it’s connected to an Android device. There’s lots of call features that come with the app, such as; caller ID, call forwarding, transcripts, etc.
    Given the fact that the app is free, it comes with a cost once you’re calling an international number outside the U.S. and Canada.
    Download here
  9. VIBER
    With over 1 billion users across the globe, Viber remains the app with one of the largest users. Previously, Viber was the most common app mainly used strictly for free voice calling, but can now be used to make calls, send texts, and also send videos. Viber also syncs data directly from your cell phone contacts, enabling users to communicate easily with your contacts.
    Using Viber, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee so as to receive local phone numbers in different locations of the world.
    Download here
    WhatsApp is currently the most popular app that can be used for WiFi calling. You can use WhatsApp to make free calls via WiFi or cellular with other users. WhatsApp is easy, free, and very secure. Before you can use this service, you’ll need to have an existing phone number.
    But just like the Facebook Messenger app, users are not allowed to use it to make cell phone or landline calls.
    Download WhatsApp for Android

Do you wish to know more about WiFi calling on Android? Or you want to know how to use WiFi calling on Android device? You surely have nothing to worry about cos we got everything wrapped up for you right in this article.

WiFi calling is a voice connection service that enables you to make calls via the use of a wireless internet network.

What this means is that, instead of connecting to a mobile data for your calls and text messages, you’ll be connected to a WiFi network.

WiFi calling service can be used locally and internationally from different parts of the world.

You can be able to use WiFi calling on Android devices except Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge, Motorola moto e5 play, LG X Charge, and LG X power. Aside from that, there’s also compatible apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc, that supports WiFi calling.

These apps supports the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Given the fact that this is quite different to the system used by WiFi calling, it’s quite cool cos it enables you to have alternatives to connect to WiFi calling.

For SAMSUNG Devices

⦁ At first, you need to make sure that your WiFi is turned on before you can be able to proceed.
⦁ Then you have to go to your phone’s dialer and select “Settings.”
⦁ Toggle on the WiFi Calling switch.
⦁ You’ll have to follow instructions so you can register your emergency address, and then accept the Terms and Conditions.
For LG Devices
⦁ The first thing is to turn on your WiFi connection.
⦁ Then go to “Settings” and select “Network & Internet.”
⦁ Select “Advanced Calling.”
⦁ Then toggle on WiFi Calling.
⦁ Follow the required steps to register your emergency address, and then accept the Terms and Conditions.

Note: If you want to set your Android device to automatic WiFi calling, then you need to toggle on “Prefer WiFi While Roaming.”
You Can Now Make Your WiFi Calls

Now that you’ve been able to set up and enable the WiFi calling feature on your Android device, you’ll now have to make calls with it.

All you have to do is to go to your contacts or call dial and make calls like your normal phone calls.

To ensure that your setup worked perfectly, once you put up the call over WiFi, you’ll see “WiFi call” at the top left corner of your screen.

If you’re feeling skeptical about your WiFi call setup, there’s a way you can simply confirm.

All you need to do is to switch your Android phone to Airplane Mode, turn on your WiFi and then put up a call.

Your WiFi call will disconnect once you lose your WiFi connection. And this will automatically make use of your cellular network if it’s available.

But if there’s no cellular service in that area, and there’s a WiFi network, it’ll automatically switch back.

How To Turn Off WiFi Calling On Your Android Device

⦁ Just click click on “Settings.”
⦁ Then select “Advanced Calling”
⦁ Select “Wi-Fi Calling.”
Select the On/Off setting, and then set it “Off.”


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